Swedish Music Theatre in English? Yes, there is!  


Swedish Music Theatre in English? Yes, there is!  

The English speaking community in Sweden is not really spoiled when it comes to possibilities of enjoying music theatre performed in English. Now there is a unique opportunity to see Freud’s Cigar, an all Swedish music theatre production, in English at Playhouse Teater in Stockholm during March and April.  

Freud’s Cigar has previously been running for four sold out seasons in Swedish. SthlmsMusikTeater, producing the show, now aims to bring Freud’s Cigar to life for the English speaking community in Sweden.  

– We want to offer Freud’s Cigar in English in order to make it possible for English speaking Stockholmers to experience a really successful Swedish music theatre production. There is not too much of stage productions in English in this major Nordic city, says Jonas Nerbe, artistic director of SthlmMusikTeater.   


SthlmsMusikTeater is an independent producer of music theatre, previously touring the US and Europe with the production William, a musical about William Shakespeare. Their expertise is in using drama as a conveyer of a fairly complex material.   

– Our consciousness, how does it work? We still know very little around a hundred years after Freud created the structure of the consciousness through the Superego, the id and the ego. Freud began mapping out the consciousness and in the show Freud’s cigar, we get a glimpse of his train of thought, his background, his experiences and his driving force. This gives us an understanding of where we come from as well as the capacity to undertake the journey of understanding ourselves. And one could argue – the sooner the better, considering the level of destructivity and dysfunctional humans can be - in varying degree, says Jonas Nerbe.  


– This is the second Swedish musical we translate into English in order to offer an international audience the possibility to experience Swedish music theatre. After the tours with William, we are now intending to put on Freud’s Cigar in London in autumn 2017. We are currently negotiating with a venue, which I am really exited about. I am confident the audience in London will get as pleased as the audience in Stockholm to meet with Dr Sigmund Freud, accompanied by great musicians, says Jonas Nerbe.  

Freud’s Cigar will be performed at Playhouse Teater, Stockholm, on March 1, 14, 22, 29 and April 5.   

More info: Jonas Nerbe, artistic director/SthlmsMusikTeater, +46 73 322 39 16, www.sthlmsmusikteater.com